Osler is based on

a culture of excellence and empathy; both essential for disrupting the most personal of industries - healthcare.

From world-class science to a world-changing company

We are an Oxford-based startup intent on putting healthcare in the hands of people that need it, wherever and whenever they do.

We are combining decades of Oxford University research, with state-of-the-art technology, a world-class team, and the spirit of Sir William Osler’s revolutionary perspective on medical practice.

Everyone we hire, and everyone we work with, is exceptional at what they do, and deeply passionate about our goal.

Connor Campbell

Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) Principal

Part of the President of Sierra Leone's Delivery Team, during the Ebola crisis

McKinsey & Company consultant

University of Oxford Medicine

Dr David Edington
Chief Technology Officer

VP of R&D at DNAe (DNA point-of-need diagnostic)

PA Consulting Managing Consultant

Co-founder of Exacsys (glucose testing spin-out from PA consulting)

Edinburgh Physics PhD

Monique Sischy
Head of Strategy

McKinsey & Company consultant

Actuary at Discovery Health & Vitality

Strategist at Touch Surgery

MBA, London Business School

BSc. Hons Actuarial Science

Dr Stanislav Sokolov
Chief Scientific Officer

University of Oxford Chemistry PhD – Compton Group, European Research Council funded

University College London Chemistry BSc

Professor Jason Davis
University of Oxford

Head of a multidisciplinary research team, world leading in the design of responsive interfaces and derived sensors

> 20 years at the University of Oxford

> 150 leading peer-reviewed publications

> £7m in research council funding

Professor Paulo Bueno
Sao Paulo State University

Head of Department, Research Director and Nanobionics Group Lead at Sao Paulo State University, UNESP

Research Director of Royal Society

Visiting professor in several European universities, including Oxford

Former Brazilian Ministry of Science Consultant

> 170 leading peer-reviewed publications

Sarah Malin

Alan Ruffell

Barry Lillis

Stefan Smith

Dr Deya Sanchez
Embedded software

Samuel Whitby

Dr Adriano dos Santos

Dr James Merotra

Dr Konstantinos Psarros

Elizabeth van Zyl

Fatiha Taylor

Dr Eleonora Cantini

Hollie Coe
Executive Assistant

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We take inspiration
from our namesake
Sir William Osler,

a pioneer physician famous for his diagnostic excellence, and the great empathy and understanding he afforded to all in his care

‘The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease’

~ Sir William Osler