Our goal

To liberate every individual's health information, and empower and enable them to use it to live happier, healthier, and longer lives


It’s your health; own it


We are unable to access our own health information, and so are oblivious to our true health and whether a debilitating disease is progressing unnoticed.

Osler’s way

Osler believes every individual has the right to access their own health information, whenever and wherever they desire. It is your health; it should be your information.


Take control of your own body


We are unable to understand complex and confusing medical information, forcing a dependency on an often inadequate healthcare system , and preventing us from taking control of our own health.

Osler’s way

Osler believes every individual has the right to understand, manage, and control their own health.


Help build a new type of healthcare


Healthcare is expensive, time consuming, and often inaccessible. In fact, it is usually sickcare, where everything exists to limit the damage of illness rather than prevent it in the first place.

Osler’s way

Osler believes in connecting people to their own bodies in times of good health and bad, and journeying with them to a to fuller, happier, healthier, and longer life.